CSI2*/1*/YH1* Azelhof

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Wednesday, 17. February 2021
  COVID-19 RULES We are very lucky that the Professional Sport can continue even with the necessary restrictions:

- Keep distance - wash your hands - monthmask are standards

- NO PUBLIC - 2 bracelets per rider (rider and groom)
For riders with more then 3 horses , an extra bracelet can be foreseen for an extra helper.

A drink-automat is installed and take away is possible at the snack bar BUT nobody can eat or drink on the showground (not indoor, not outdoor).
Everything MUST be used in the lorries or cars!

- PARTY - GATHERING - ASSEMBLY is forbidden on the showground or in the lorries. Infringement has only one consequence: LEAVING THE SHOWGROUND IMMEDIATELY.

- Riders and/or grooms are not allowed to stay around the arena. Grooms can watch their own horses but nobody can stay in the indoor accomodation if not necessary.

We kindly ask you to respect all these rules for your and our safety but also in favour of the sport.

For you family, owners, trainers etc. we have live streaming on CLIP MY HORSE

We really hope that you understand how important these rules are.
  SHOW OFFICE & VET-CHECK Opening Show office - Wednesday @ 07:30
Vet check CSI2*/CSIYH1* - Wednesday @ 08:00 till 10:00
Vet check CSI1* - Thursday @ 14:30 till 15:30
  QUALIFICATION RULES Class 5 LR is open to:
- The best placed riders of Class 3 up to 100

Class 7 - Final 1m40 is open to:
- The 50 best placed riders of Class 2
- The 50 best placed riders of Class 4

Class 9 GP is open to:
- The prequalified riders
- the 50 best placed riders of Class 3
- the 25 best placed riders of Class 5
- the 10 best placed riders of Class 7
Thursday, 18. February 2021
Friday, 19. February 2021
Saturday, 20. February 2021
Sunday, 21. February 2021